The best options for treating seborrheic dermatitis

Supplements and home remedies for seborrheic dermatitis

For treating seborrheic dermatitis at home, one should keep his skin clean with a mild product which is specially designed for sensitivity. It is necessary to keep the skin clean so that the excess of oils is not secreted which in turn will cause irritation and can also promote the growth of the fungus Malassezia. The medical practitioners who believe in the natural treatment recommend different variety of home made remedies for treating seborrheic dermatitis. These treatments vary from person to person. For one person, it may be quite effective while for the other it may not provide with the similar results. One of the methods is mixing a teaspoon of lime juice with the same amount of garlic, which is to be applied on the skin and it is recommended to keep it for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing off. Olive oil has also beneficial for the skin and some of them left it on the skin to dry for several hours before cleaning off their face. The omega-3 fatty acids are found in the supplements of the fish oil, which provide some relief to the ones suffering from Seborrheic dermatitis. This fish oil supplement has some side effects like indigestion and mild burps and one should consult his physician before taking oral supplements especially if he is having other chronic medical conditions.

Over-the-counter treatments for the same

Often, over-the-counter treatments for treating this skin condition are highly effective and brings relief to the itchiness and helps in eliminating the rash. Salicylic acid, which is found in the barks of the willow tree acts as a Chemical Exfoliator and helps to remove the old tissues by dissolving the bonds that exist between the skin cells. One who suffers from this can remove the flakes that cannot be seen and hence for him, exfoliation is critical. The coal tar is used for medicinal purposes for centuries. Coal tar helps in killing the Malassezia which is a major cause of the dermatitis as it has fungicidal properties. The chemical element of zinc evens out the texture of the skin by preventing the new flakes from occurring. Zinc also decreases the sebum that is secreted by the skin having a detrimental effect on the fungus. Tea tree oil also helps in eliminating the fungus. Tea tree oil is also found in different skin care products.

Clinical treatments for treating dermatitis

Antifungal drugs are prescribed by doctors for destroying Malassezia. Once the fungus is destroyed, the rash gets healed on its own. Topical antifungal medications are prescribed for treating rashes. If the cases are severe, the doctor may prescribe Oral Terbinafine tablets in the place of prescribing topical remedies. Medications with Corticosteroids are also at times prescribed by the doctors.

The seborrheic dermatitis natural treatment is the best way to cure this type of skin conditions. The main reasons of this skin condition are not yet known by the doctors. One should maintain the medical as well as the home made remedies to keep the flakes away.